After full 8 months of waiting, I finally received my Genki Switch Covert Dock.  This is the longest I had to wait out of 6 of my kick starter campaigns.

Periodically I would contact and email Genki, although Genki was very good at responding, they never actually gave me a date or informed me promptly.  Last email I asked about my shipping and tracking number, and 3 weeks later this shipment came as a surprise.

Genki Covert Dock and Stand

I did add $10 dollars to buy the portable stand and to my surprise this stand is very good in quality.

First thing I noticed was how heavy this stand is.  And initially my thought was that I wished it was lighter and I would probbaly not carry this due to its weight.  But after examining the stand, I changed my mind as I have a 11 year old and a 7 year old, and this metal construction is probably better and can take more abuse.  Kodus to Genki for making the effort to use metal.

The stand opens up to a triangle.  There is no adjustment needed and depending on which leg you chose to use, you can shoose from 2 height settings.

The picture does not do it justice.  The two angles in the pictures looks very similar, but in reality the difference is very noticeable.. it is just the bad angle of how I took the pciture.

Okay, let's move on to the main event - the Covert Dock

Nothing fancy about the packaging, and there are only 4 items inside. The covert dock, a travel case, 1.8m USB-C cable, and manual.  Because I travel quite frequently so I already have different world travel adapters so I opted to buy the two prong version without any adapters.

The quality is really solid and the two prong is not flimsy at all.

The size is really small, and as far as I know, it is the smallest Nintendo Switch power supply that money can buy.

It feels top quality, very well made, solid and heavy. The logo is a nice touch, it really is a beautiful product.

It also comes with a nice case, the case is padded and fits the dock very well.  The dock is of very high quality as well and the case is a very nice touch because after you play around with the nice dock, you start to appreciate the craftsmanship and you definitely would want to put it in a nice case to protect it like I did.

The case looks a lot bigger then the dock in the picture, but after you put the dock in, you will see that this case is nicely made and the size is just right, and the added padding is really nice touch.

The Genki Covert Dock only has 3 I/Os 

1x USB C port

1x USB A port

1x Full size HDMI port

The charger is rated at 30 Watts but don't expect 30 full watts coming out of this charger on either port.  The wattage is split amongst the two ports.  The USB A port is rated at 5 Watts, and the USB C port is rated up to 24.9 Watts.  This should not be of concern at all anyways because it is more than powerful enough to use with the switch and 25 watt USB C port is a really nice touch that you can charge your phone / laptop etc.

USB C cable is 1.8 meters in length and on one end it is 90 degree which is ideal for switch, espeically when you play it on a stand.  The quality is nice and it is also made by Genki. Came with a very nice velcro organizer, this cable is easily the best USB C cable I own.

It also came with a sticker.  At first I though I can put this on the Genko covert dock, but the size is clearly not designed for the covert dock, but rather for the Nintendo Offical Dock... so bye bye sticker, trash can it is.

My daily battery that I keep in my bag is the ankor powercell 26800. Last time I went to my friend's house I brought and used the C-force adapter along with the battery.  The adapter is quite flat and thin but it doesn't come with a power supply.  

We played for may be 3 or 4 hours, and we barely used the battery (only 1 out of 10 LED was off, so at the most we used 10% of the battery) and the switch stayed 100% full battery.

So in my use case, it is probably easier for me to take the c-force adapter instead of the Genki covert dock because I carry the huge ankor battery as my daily power pack anyways.  However, this use case only works if I am around and thus doesn't apply to my kids or wife.  For them, the Genki Covert Dock is definitely the right choice.