About Howie

About Howie

Howie is PASSIONATE about learning, always open to new ideas, and doesn't mind a little bit of adventure.

‚ÄčHowie started trading stocks in college, incorporated his first company, and ran his first business out of his dorm.  This is on top of his medical degree, 2 bachelor degrees, 1 minor, "almost" math and music minor.... you can see that Howie really loved learning different things and his actions showed!

Over the years Howie has developed his passion in entrepreneurship, and he started and built many businesses.

He started off with a simple eBay store, then went on and built one of the largest acupuncture practice in the United States, an internet marketing company that built websites and focused on affiliate marketing, an SEO company, an investment company, and later, a multi million dollar turn over travel business.  You can say that Howie thoroughly enjoys his entrepreneurial adventure.

Today, Howie enjoys his success and time with his wife and two lovely children, and he says he will always continue to learn, and take on new challenges and adventures.

"I have a new passion, and a new mission, I want to help as many people as possible and make a difference in this world at the same time." - Howie