How To Page

The Process

Getting started is EASY.

I have set things up in a stream line where that if you just follow the step by step process, you will be up and running in no time.  

Of course, first thing first, after you have watched the qualification video, evaluated your own situation and you are in, then feel free to contact us at any time. 

We have a minimalist setup, because we believe in efficiency and clarity, but that doesn't mean that we lack personal touch.  In fact, we WANT to get in touch with you, or speak with you, or whatever you prefer.  Ask any questions you may have, don't be shy.

The Problem

Not knowing what the next step is and not knowing where to find the answer is frustrating.   So here it is - the answer page!

This is the ONE page you need.

Please BOOKMARK this page as this page will be updated from time to time to give you the answers you are looking for.

The Solution

This is the one page that answers all!  So please bookmark this page!

You will find step by step process here.
You will find your answers here.
Anything else you can find it on google.


Step 1


Still not sure if this is for you? I recommend you go back to watch the video and read through the page.


Step 2

How we do it and FAQ's

This is intended to be a growing list based on the questions you may have.  Please don't be shy and ask away! We'd love to help!

Step 3

Open Brokerage Account

If you think you qualify, please use this link to open a brokerage account with Blueberry Markets. Instructions are here.

Step 4

Details 1 on 1

There are 3 best ways to reach me.
Facebook Messenger

Step 5

Sign the Dotted Line

We are almost up and running at this stage, As we finalize the set up with your brokerage account and the VPS we will wrap up the agreement as well.

Step 6

Watch your money grow!

We will get you set up here so you can sit back and watch your accounts grow.  Also teach you how to manage your accounts, including how to withdraw and close the account.