How to BlueBerry

There are 5 How To's in this section

1. More about verification

2. Open Multiple Accounts

3. Distribute Funds 

4. How to set leverage to 500:1

5. How to confirm Funds or Leverage

1. More on verification

Blueberry requires 2 verification

a. Government issued ID, please upload front and the back

b. Prove of address with your name such as mobile phone bill

2. How to Open Multiple Accounts?

If your account is under 30k USD = Please divide your account into 4k each (to the closes number).  If your account is over 30k, please discuss with me how many accounts you would need.

Only BlueBerry Agents will be able to help you with that, and only YOU can request this to be done.  So please send an email to them to

Ben Clay <>

For Example:

Hello Ben, Would you be so kind to assist me to open up X additional MT4 Trading Accounts? 

Thank you.

3. How to Distribute Funds

4. How to Set Leverage 500:1

5. How to confirm funds or leverage??